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  • RC-HPC76-USB Programming Cable

RC-HPC76-USB programming cable to suit Hytera handheld radios.

With this cable and suitable Hytera programming software you can do things like Add⁄Remove Frequencies, Off-set, Shift, Step, Bandwidth, Name tag, CTCSS⁄DCS, Power output, ANI Code, DTMF, Adjustment of all these options, and more. 

This cable has a unique chip built in, unlike other cheap direct-connect cables without the correct circuitry, this cable can not damage your radio or computer. 

Suits Hytera Handheld radios that require the 2-Pin Stereo type cable, that are programmed through the 2.5 ⁄ 3.5mm Speaker⁄Microphone sockets. Such as the following models; 

PD4XX, TD5xx, BD5xx series of radio’s.

PD405, PD462, PD462A,

TD500 TD510 TD520 TD530 TD550 TD560 TD580

BD500 BD510



• 1 x USB Programming Cable (Approx. 100cm long).

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RC-HPC76-USB Programming Cable

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